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I have studied genealogy of my family and that of my wife since 1995 and that of three of my grandchildren since 2009. During the first ten years, I went to the local, regional and national records to consult birth, marriage and death certificates, notarial deeds and different others documents.
Thirteen years ago, I began to find others ancestries in the Web (mainly in the site Geneanet ) so as to complete my own ancestry.
At last for four years departmental archives have digitized certificates of registry office, parish certificates and ten-year tables and put them online on the Web , so I managed to find about one thousand new ancestors and several thousands informations about them.
With the result of this research I have built, using Généatique, a large main file which includes 29,747 persons. You may see content of it and a summary of my sources. Among these 29,747 persons, 16,468 direct ancestors are counted. (See upwards movement of that number ).

That file had been voluntarily limited to ancestors of my grandchildren over 27 generations.
I should be able to make up, of course, a possible family tree of several tens of thousands ancestors over 50 generations until 5th century of our era.
Howewer if you scan these ancestries you could find some famous ancestors : As a matter of fact Emperor Charlemagne , kings Charles Martel and Pépin le Bref , Nine kings of France and may be Darius and Xerxés of Persia and pharaoh Ramses II were our direct ancestors. I have found too some famous cousins but ...very distant.

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